Listen, we get bored easily. We do our own thing most of the time, and that usually involves making feature films, music videos, short-form pieces, and the occasional commercial or promotional video. View our gallery here.

If you have an idea for an exciting project, and you need help in bringing it to realization, then get in touch with us. Mostly we like to create signature pieces, the kind of compelling vision that people can rally behind.

THOSE kinds of projects.

Please visit the gallery.

And we realize these signature pieces are rare, and for many companies come along only once in a great while, and for some, never. We're talking 'I'd like to have a coke' kinda stuff. Bells on Clydesdales in a snowstorm. Those old United Airlines spots from the 70s with the Copland. That's what we're talking about.

We are not prolific. There are other things we do, like raise families, and... stuff. So if you need to use us, realize that we may not feel like doing it. We work best with clients who appreciate that the creation of powerful and effective media takes time and dedication. If you would like to contact us, drop us a line.

Just don't expect us to get too excited about it.

For Dylan: